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Complete Solution

ResTrend™ provides a technology and marketing evaluation, website creation/maintenance/hosting, search engine optimization, online marketing, reservation management system, online reservations, and guest management and marketing. Based on the evaluation, we offer any mix of systems and services to allow you to get the most out of your technology.

Hosted Application

All of the technologies we provide are fully hosted solutions. That means no software installation, updates, or maintenance. Our ResTrend™ professionals will handle these chores.

Website Management

Whether it's updating, creating, maintaining or hosting, ResTrend™ can provide you with the a professional website that attracts guests, keeps them on your site, and gives your guests the convenience to book their reservation online 24/7.

Reservation Management

Working from any computer with internet access you can manage internet, phone, and in-person reservations. From your reception desk, your home office, or anywhere in between you will have everything you need to complete a reservation.

When it comes to variable rate structures, minimum stay requirements, deposits, and the long list of other special parameters that you juggle from season to season, our easy-to-use and customizable software keeps you in complete control.

Marketing Management

ResTrend™ can help you to manage and market your business with search engine optimization, email campaigns, traditional mail, advertising, online marketing, and social network marketing.

Guest Management

Managing repeat business is very different than attracting new business or growing off season occupancy. ResTrend™ provides a personalized guest management tool that helps you to provide them a great experience from their first click on your website until they become loyal repeat customers.

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